Family Reunions Kansas Style

A Favorite Family Reunion Destination

family reunion in KansasSummertime is officially here and with that comes the excitement of gathering the family all together in one location for the ever popular . . . family reunion in Kansas.  Yours may be boisterous, another may be subdued, but at the very least, they provide a great way to catch up on the lives of your relatives whether distant or not.


Young beautiful woman and her little daughter playing together with paper boats in a river. Creative leisure with kids.In as little as a one-month time span, Cedar Crest Lodge, will have hosted 6 such reunions.  And why not?!  Our bed and breakfast near Kansas City, Missouri has overnight accommodations for up to 33 of your closet relatives as well as offering plenty of space to grab a little time for yourself.  After a bountiful breakfast your family can spend time at our pool, walk the trails, fish in one of our stocked ponds, or be pampered with a massage.  At the end of the day enjoy a family meal, sit around the fire pit and relive old memories – all while making new ones.




It seems the best reunions are the ones which inspire great memories by interacting with one another.  One recent reunion held a treasure hunt for the kids with a booty worthy of any pirate around!  Another family has booked two consecutive years and they all get very groovy with the t-shirts they create.  The family of one expectant mother created bibs and onesies to welcome the new baby.  And, of course, who could turn down a little competitive game of Wiffle Ball?


family reunion in Kansas by the fire  
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