Scrapbooking/Quilting Retreats

scrapbooking retreat near Kansas CityTrying to plan a scrapbooking or quilting retreat, but have yet to find the perfect location?  Look no further than our Kansas bed and breakfast  We have been providing groups with a great venue for over 15 years.  Originally built by an artist as a painting retreat, we have continued the tradition of hosting groups of all sorts as they relax, eat, enjoy their craft and each other.

We are an all-inclusive retreat center providing great lodging and wonderful meals during your stay.  Ours are not just any meals; food is our passion and it shows through our use of garden-fresh produce and attention to detail.  As part of a group package, all meals are provided.  In addition, we offer an on-site spa, swimming pool and walking trails for those who want to be pampered and enjoy nature.

The original art studio, or simply “studio” was built with the intention of accessing the best natural light possible and many groups have commented as such.  Tables and chairs are provided for your use and will be set up and waiting prior to your arrival.
Gourmet dessert at Kansas bed and breakfastDon’t wait . . . introduce your group to the comfort that is Cedar Crest Lodge.  Call us at 913-352-6533 or email us at