Breakfast for Dinner at Cedar Crest Lodge

Crab Cakes Benedict at Kansas B&BGuests seek out bed and breakfast accommodations for many reasons: personal attention, intimacy of the location, or perhaps a rich history with unique rooms. And, of course, the breakfast! We realize that breakfast plays a very integral part of the bed and breakfast experience and would love to announce our NEW Breakfast for Dinner Option! For the die hard breakfast lovers out there – you know who you are.


Choose from our Classic menu offering traditional flavors with a twist, or the Elegant menu which takes it up a notch from dinner to “brinner”





  • Bacon Fritters                                                                    
  • Sausage Biscuit Roll-Ups with Gravy and Eggs                   
  • Strawberry Buttermilk Donut w/Strawberry Glaze                
  • Bloody Mary                                                                        







  • Avocado-Tomato Sourdough Toasts
  • Crab Cakes Benedict
  • Chocolate Raspberry Crepes
  • Seasonal Champagne Cocktail











Chocolate Raspberry Crepes at Kansas Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast for dinner, an understated go-to dinner choice that everyone can enjoy. Go ahead, book now and order your Breakfast for Dinner at our Kansas B&B. You know you want to!

CALL 913-352-6533 to place your order. Served Friday-Saturday evenings.