Agritourism Alive and Well at Pleasanton, KS Bed & Breakfast

food7A long time ago I learned at least one thing about myself . . . occasionally, I MUST have my “green time”.  No, that doesn’t mean dressing up like a leprechaun or eating broccoli until I puke!  It means being outside and soaking up nature.  That is the one thing that instantly helps me unwind and recharge my batteries.  A quiet walk in the woods with only the sounds of nature surrounding me, a stroll through the garden with my family, watching the local wildlife while sitting idly on our porch. These are the times I am thankful for!

Funny, after owning the lodge for almost 11 years and hearing guest after guest proclaim, “This has been so relaxing!  We would love to bring our family back here”, I realized that we are not just any old B&B (not that I really thought we were).  We offer experiences that many others cannot – various ways to interact with nature.  Try your hand at fishing in one of our many ponds.  Grab your binnoculars and watch for over 30 species of birds on our 110+ acres of land.  Stroll through the gardens to see what you might be eating at your next meal and even help pick it!  You can even bring your bike and ride our comfortable trails.

These are all forms of a growing trend referred to as ‘agritourism’.  And it’s all about giving guests positive experiences in an agriculturally-based format.  In essence, if you need your “green time”, we’ve got  you covered!