The View from my Window

interiors8While celebrating with family and friends here at the lodge on Easter Sunday, someone elaborated on how beautiful the view was from atop our hill.  What we found funny about the comment was the fact that this person has seen the same view many times over the years, but on that day it once again caught their eye and renewed their sense of awe.

I hadn’t thought much about the moment until today when I was looking out the window soaking up the sights and sounds of Spring in the country.  With the windows open I could hear the soft buzz of the bees as they were looking for the sweetest of flowers.  The buzzing only masked occasionally by the rustle of the trees as the breeze picked up its pace.  It was while I watched a butterfly dance its way across the back patio that I noticed it:  one of the most beautiful views in Kansas!

If you haven’t been here before, or even if you have, it is certainly the season to begin thoroughly enjoying what our lodge has to offer.  The weather is conducive to long walks on the trails, picnic lunches, breakfasts or dinners on the patio, enjoying the beautiful gardens (from an aesthetic and culinary standpoint), and playing a hot game of bocce!  Oh yeah . . . and the pool will be open soon!

The bees won’t be the only thing buzzing this month – our first wedding of the year will be here before you know it.  Such a beautiful time of year for a day to remember for a lifetime.  Yes, folks . . . life is good from my window.