Blizzard 2011 Hits Midwest Bed & Breakfast

winter-specialWho doesn’t think about moving to a warmer climate every now and again?  I’ll admit, the thought of enjoying life day to day in a luxurious 70 degree paradise has crossed my mind more than once.  I think I would miss the changing of the seasons; but after this last winter storm I realized I wouldn’t change a thing.

First, in preparation, there was the gathering of the food so the kids wouldn’t think they were going to starve.  Then, the gathering of the firewood (to keep warm and just in case we lost power).  Once the blizzard started it was a matter of gathering up the outdoor kitties and getting them to a warm place in the garage.  Have any of you tried to herd 3 cats in a blizzard?  I’m sure anyone watching would have gotten a good laugh!  Then, more firewood and commence shoveling so we’d be able to open our door after the really heavy stuff came down.

Day two brought more shoveling (after we realized we still couldn’t open our door) and a second snow day for the kids.  Day three – more firewood and third snow day for the kiddos.  WHERE IS MY 70 DEGREE PARADISE!

Day four will begin tomorrow at 6:15 am when I get the kids ready for school.  Believe it or not, I’ll miss them!  As I look back over the last few days, my memories of our big breakfasts together, playing James Bond on the wii, watching Shrek, and working together to get ready for the storm will keep me warm for a long time!  Even though the work felt like a burden at the time, I realize how fortunate we are to have a beautiful warm home to stay in, hot food in our tummies and the love of family.  Bring on the winter! (but maybe not so much snow next time, please).