Experience the Beauty of a Kansas Wildlife Refuge

Marais des Cygnes, meaning “Marsh of the Swans” in French, is a 7,500-acre Kansas wildlife refuge and recreation area in Pleasanton, Kansas. The refuge was established in 1992 to protect and restore the bottomland hardwood forest.


Although the area’s history is quite interesting, it is the spectacular beauty of the habitat and wildlife that make the refuge a unique experience. From nature connoisseurs to adventure seekers, everyone is sure to have a glorious experience at the Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Refuge!


To help in planning your visit, here are a few of our favorite outdoor activities at the refuge:

  • Wildlife Viewing – More than 300 species of birds, fish, freshwater mussels, mammals, and reptiles live in the area. A great place to admire the natural beauty of Kansas!
  • Photography – Whether you enjoy photographing landscapes, wildlife photography, or just want a beautiful photo for your social media page, the refuge is a perfect photo op!
  • Hiking – With several foot trails, hikers have the opportunity to dive deep into the refuge to reach some of the most beautiful areas.
  • Driving – If hiking is not your forte, there are gravel roads throughout the refuge allowing visitors to enjoy views of forests, prairies, and diverse wildlife from the comfort of their own car!
  • Hunting and Fishing – The refuge allows visitors to hunt and fish in designated areas in accordance to state law. Check their website for more details on the rules and regulations.


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Discover some of the most beautiful acres in Kansas and start planning your trip today!