Group Discount Buying Sites – Tell Us How You Feel

interiors6Admittedly, from a consumers point of view we have been extremely happy with all of the group discount buying sites out there like Groupon, Living Social, Muncharoo and Lucky Monkey just to name a few.  They have initiated us to try (at a discount, of course) a variety of restuarants and services that we probably wouldn’t have before the discount.  I would say that most of them we were very happy with and will go back to again.

As we near the expiration period of our Groupon offering for Cedar Crest Lodge, I would like to ask you all this:  In general, do you use these group discounts just to save money or in most cases, are you willing to return to the business and pay full price?  Specifically, for those of you who redeemed Groupon vouchers with us, what are the chances you will return as a full-paying customer?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!