Menu Update for a Healthier 2013

food11In July of last year our blog was about catering to various food allergy and dietary needs.  As I wrote at that time, we would be happy to work around any special dietary requirements our guests need.  The more advanced notice we have, the better.

As I sit here now and contemplate my own dietary dilemma (basically, how to develop a healthier diet for not only me, but my family) it seems fitting to offer healthier options to our guests as well.

Our picnic lunches have been a great add-on for our guests and although nutritionally balanced, they could be lightened up in terms of nutrient quality.  Starting in February, Cedar Crest Lodge will offer certain “Healthful Alternative” choices to our menu.  Our “Healthful Alternative” picnic will include whole grains, fresh vegetables, low-fat proteins and fresh fruit.  Additional snack offerings will also be added to our menu such as a Hummus and fresh Vegetable Tray, as well as Fresh Fruit.

I look forward to sharing all of the new recipes I have been working on so that we can offer these healthier options.  We hope these changes will give you more to choose from and enhance your stay with us at Cedar Crest Lodge!

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